The Weirdest #Disaster Ever?


Is the Boston Molasses Disaster, the weirdest disaster ever?  I posed this question to myself as I came across a reference to the story in an issue of Scientific American.  The thrust of that article was around how microbes move in water which, to them, would have the consistency of molasses if they were giant (human) size.

I was dumbfounded.  Molasses?  Really?  Quite the “black swan” scenario.  Back in January of 1919, a huge tank (50 ft tall by 90 ft in diameter) filled with molasses collapsed, yielding a wave of molasses that washed through the northern (at the time) end of Boston.  It killed 21 people and injured more. You can check it out here:

How can you plan for something so unlikely?  To me, this just shows that even the most unlikely event can occur and in business continuity planning, should not be discounted.  In addition, it also shows that plans need to be comprehensive but general enough to handle a wide variety of situations.  I really doubt anyone would have come up with that one in their risk analysis.  Wow.