I Seriously LOVE My #PebbleWatch


My Pebble watch.



Magnetic Charger



Up Close and Personal

It’s true, I LOVE my Pebble watch.  I have had it since April (having bought one through the original Kickstarter campaign) and I still enjoy seeing what I can do with it.  I probably should have gotten the SDK for it and toyed around with some code, but I doubt I would have had time to come up with anything decent.

It’s tough (I have smacked it accidentally against a wall at least twice) and bright at night.  I can just give my wrist a quick twist and it will light up for a few seconds.  It’s almost bright enough to be a flashlight… but not quite.  It’s waterproof (rated to 5 ATM) and charges through a magnetic connection.

It’s interesting to me how the Pebble guys could completely beat everyone else to market with a smart watch when they had a very public Kickstarter campaign and it took them WAY longer to produce the watches than they originally thought.  Yet, only now, are we seeing other, big players, enter the fray.  So, this may hold true with some entrepreneurial wisdom that being first to market gives you a major advantage.  Now, I just have to think of ways to use my Pebble watch for BCP purposes…

[UPDATE] I completely forgot to link to the Pebble site.  Check it out!