#Starbucks #Google Wifi is Amazing!


Ok, I have a confession to make here, I totally missed this news from last summer (July 2013): http://www.cnet.com/news/at-starbucks-at-t-is-out-and-google-is-in-for-wi-fi/

Perhaps the reason is that at time, I was at a Fortune 500 and had a cubicle to go to every day.  Now, however, I have the distinct advantage of being able to work remotely.. so, I try out different locations.  Yes, I have an office and an office at home, but enjoy trying out different places to work.  I have shied away from many Starbucks locations as they have proven to be busy and loud.  Sometimes that’s good.. sometimes not.

So a new Starbucks had popped up on one my routes to go from the office to pick up my kids from school (another huge advantage of my current work environment) and with some extra time before the school day ended, I stopped in.

This location sports the new Google WiFi.  Wow.  I could tell the bandwidth difference immediately.  Fast.  Really fast.  I decided to run my favorite free online bandwidth tester at www.speedtest.net.  The results were:

Ping: 171ms
Download: 24.68Mbps
Upload: 7.42Mbps

So… I may end up hanging out at Starbucks to work a little more frequently in the future.  Nice work Starbucks…