Recording An Audiobook On the ACX Platform #ACX_com

Audiobook Recording Mic

Blue Snowball Mic (chrome)

So, I decided to set up a small home office recording studio… well, “studio” is probably a bit of a stretch, but the idea is the same.  There’s a bit of a back story that I will have to save for another time but it has to do with a very enjoyable side project of writing a book (again, more on that forthcoming).

On a little bit of a lark, I…:
1. Did some research online on how to record a book.
2. Ordered a relatively inexpensive Blue Snowball microphone and a pop filter.
3. I created a virtual machine, installed Windows, installed Audacity (a free, open source audio recording and editing piece of software) and plugged in the mic.4. I played around with it a little bit and then created an account on
5. I auditioned and landed a very short gig.  I have about an hour of audio to record… and it’s actually going well.

Granted, the amount of time I have is limited to work on this extra work… but I am learning so much about books, authoring, recording and the Amazon ecosystem of written/recorded material, it’s worth it.  Future posts are going to include: My book!  How to set up a recording studio (hint: get a lot of baffling material in a small room).  My audiobook!  All the ways Amazon sells authored material.

Oh yeah, one more thing, my audio recording is for this one: American Legends: The Life of John Belushi by Charles River Editors.