The One Big Thing I Learned From Starbucks #starbucks #customerservice


It’s so simple it hurts my brain.  I have heard it many, many times in the business literature that I have read…. and it’s actually quite genius.

Ready?  The one big thing I learned from watching Starbucks employees serve customers is that they are all trained, each and every one of them, to learn a customer’s name.

That’s it.  Learn the customer’s name.  Not just listen for it and try to memorize it… but instead, actually ask for it. Many even make an effort to know how it is spelled.

I had to go back to one of my favorite books, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie to be reminded why.  Dale states that the thing that people want to hear most is the sound of their own name.

Starbucks “pwned” that, big time.  They do it everywhere, in every store, every day with every employee.  Take that, Walmart greeter.