Thought I Had a Grip On Reality, Then I Went To Jonathan MacDonald’s UnlockSession!

Travaasa Resort

Travaasa Resort, Austin – Location of Our Unlock Session


Disrupt or be disrupted.  It’s not whether or not it will happen, it’s just a matter of when. That was really the first message of the Unlock Session.  Then Jonathan proceeded to blow everyone’s mind with proof.  The guy is so plugged in to what is going on in disruptive technologies that it is downright scary.

Mercury Vapors

The day was intense and jammed packed with thoughts that make you question what you hold to be true… which is really the whole point.  The roller-coaster ride of anecdotes and the “I told them and they did not listen to me” stories pushed my limits.  Sometimes, it felt like I was teetering on the edge of insanity, like a mad hatter forced to inhale mercury vapors, whenever Jonathan went into another realm of upcoming upheaval.  Most of the details, however, I cannot share… frankly, much of it is so out there, yet real, you probably won’t believe me anyway.

Let me back up a second here as I’m getting ahead of myself.  I have been in many seminars, workshops and seen many speakers engage with audiences. I cannot say I remember much of them (except maybe seeing Gorbachev speak in person, but that’s a different blog post) but I do know that NONE of them made the promise that we would finish the day with a true action plan… But he did make that promise and he made good on it.

A New Mission

With that goal in mind (begin with the end in mind) we proceeded with the day in a cyclical fashion of discussion, mind expansion, break, process, discussion, mind expansion, etc. The style and pace is intense but it works. Thankfully we were in the very beautiful Travaasa resort near Austin. We could all go out into the warm, balmy weather and clear our heads. I know I needed to do that. I could breathe without the “mercury vapors” and process what I had heard.

Sometime during the afternoon we worked out our new mission statement as well. From there, the flow of peering into the future to see the disruption avalanche coming our way was snapped into sharp clarity.  We needed to pivot and do so in a way that did not throw out our current business until we hit the right inflection point (sorry I can’t explain that part further).

The Rabbit Hole

True to the promise, my team figured out how to disrupt our own business using that guiding mission statement… before it gets disrupted for us.  We now have a high level action plan with more details being discussed constantly within our team and a commitment date to complete the first step.  Truth be told, I’m not sleeping much or well or sometimes at all.  But I think that’s a good thing.  I think we’re on to something.  Something that we need to work on now to be ready for the future when the technologies converge at the right time and they hit the mainstream.

Looking back on the experience, I feel like I had been sitting under a tree absentmindedly reading a book that bored me a little. Suddenly, a white rabbit ran past me and I followed him down the rabbit hole.  But unlike Alice, whom the rabbit ignored, the rabbit helped me find my way and create my own road map through Wonderland.