Out Now: Two Books Plus An Audiobook Version!


Three Sunsets Book CoverI have been remiss in writing posts lately, so I’ll get right to it in this blog post.  My esteemed friend / colleague, Gene Lass, and I have now (re)published two classic works of poetry in soft cover book form originally written by the great author, Lewis Carroll of “Alice in Wonderland” fame.  We have added biographical information on the life of Lewis Carroll in the books with additional found photographs and illustrations.  I feel that they have turned out quite nicely!  You can take a look at them on Amazon at the links below.

Three Sunsets




You will notice that the reviews are for all the varieties of the Lewis Carroll books, such as the Kindle versions, which we do not have (yet).  So that can be a little misleading, just FYI.


Even more exciting for me is the publishing of Three Sunsets as an audiobook on Audible!  I recorded and produced the book myself with editing help, once again, from Gene.  You can find it on Audible at the link below (and on Amazon and iTunes).


Coming soon: Our Android book and the audiobook of Phantasmagoria!  Thanks to everyone for their support and Happy New Year!